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I believe there is trace, fragrance, time, and love, in a clothing. In a world where clothing is now becoming a mere product of self-obsession, I seek to encourage and display fashion that is healthy in self-discovery, uniqueness, and distinct memories.


Art is what connects my fashion and photography into one. There are unseen things that fashion and photography express, that resembles blooming flowers to me. Any kind of medium coming out from my fingertips are worthy and beautiful to be carved on my photographs.


I am interested in a person's uniqueness, because there is no one else like the person that I see in my viewfinder. He/she is created in a powerful, holy image, and I want to capture that all the time I grab my camera. And through my perspective of them, I want to let them know, that, you are never alone.


I specify in wedding out of all portraitures, because I've always enjoyed the beauty of bride in my own Christian belief. Bridal stories were my final collections in my Masters, and I pursue to continue the journey to other brides.

Unique Portraitures

Weddings, engagements, couples, babies, seniors, family sessions- Every important moments of yours are welcome for me to capture in a unique, warm perspective. Sharing and capturing a lovable, meaningful moments are one of the important reasons I do photography. Look in the categories below for more porfolio:

Hanbok Portraits



About UB Studio

UB Studio started as a photographic journey. But as time past, fashion and art became one of the other important elements to incorporate to enhance the photography and to connect the works, with others, and selves.

Femininity, celebration of nature, fashion, moments of life, and spirituality are the favorite elements to explore; collaboration, creative portraiture sessions, anything is welcomed in my inbox. Enjoy and be blessed.

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