Mixed Media Drawing Collection


I have made this collection a while ago actually, even before I have started my Mixed Media photographs. I originally started to draw a lot when I was young, and it always has been second go to when I got sick of photography sometimes. Different from photography, drawing gives an ultimate freedom from light, subject, relationship, and reality- I can express the whole different world without being obligated to anything. Maybe this is why I never gave up drawing and exploring, because I still have that eagerness to fit in the frame, reality, and be perfect- which often times, photography fits better.

These collections are very precious because it was drawn almost at the end of my sketchbook, when I took the book to Korea after being in a such an uncertain times when I couldn't go to school nor stay in America. Hana gave me the sketchbook as Christmas gift and I remember disciplining myself to draw something everyday, and I hated it. But time past and the sketchbook is almost filled, but left with some artworks like above where it seemed like I found something. If I remember the times after correctly, I came back to America and pursued a different collection of photographs, and started to try mixed media photographs.


I love collaging, grouping different subjects of memory and making a stack which creates a whole different medium. I especially love things where there is a lot of time on it. I coffee dipped ink jet papers and those were the best paper I ever got and it is so cheap! I hung them all over my room as my room was filled with coffee smell and I remember taking self portraits with beige outfits. The watercolor is actually a huge piece of watercolor dabs I just did when I wanted to just freely paint without any restriction. Of course, flowers, are pressed with my handmade presser that was made with Jon. Back then I think I did not have a presser but used to press them in a pop-up Little Prince color book, which was thick, a lot of pages, and it was a book from Jon with love.

My works leave a trace, that might be older than you think. Just as giving time is the strongest method to show love- that I am here with you- I give time in my artworks. To you, to me.