Two People (a.k.a The lover)

때로는 이 길이

멀게만 보여도

서글픈 마음에

눈물이 흘러도

모든 일이

추억이 될 때까지

우리 두 사람

서로의 쉴 곳이 되어주리


The song was covered by one of my favorite female duo singers from Korea, Rooftop moonlight (옥상달빛). The song slowly sings (seems like talking) about a day passing and how two people rely onto each other under the moonlight. I was not inspired by the song because I have a lover. This work is not for my lover or a specific person, but in a wider perspective where I want to tell that no one, I mean nobody, can overcome the hardships that the world gives. Of course, my lover(s) are a huge companion that I cannot deny their thanksgiving, but in the artworks there are no other person than me because it was more of a self-realization. It was an admit that I am allowed, and I have to, rely on others to let go of my burden of future, the hotness of passion going too far, and some scars left from past relationships. I wanted to see 'me' how I reacted, felt, through the moments where I spent my time with people that were coincidentally or necessarily there for me.

In detail

The artworks originate from the film photos I took at the Gathering Place, a part in Tulsa Oklahoma. As always, photography is the main source of my works. I retrieved the core elements that I remembered the most from the walk we had. It was remembered the most probably because the honest emotions and stories shared under those natural elements. The self-portraits were taken in my room, separately from the Gathering Place. But also with Film camera as well.

Film Photos

Mixed Media