The Swains.

Nina and Nicole were my best friends in high school. I remember going to high school being like the only two asians in the school - but thank God, I had a great group of friends where we hung out all the time, went to prom together, had house-overs, and had lunch everyday. The first Halloween I had in America was in Tulsa. Nina and Nicole invited me to their house, it's more than ten years ago now, but I still remember I was dressed up as a photographer witch and Ursula's spaghetti and meatballs were so delicious.

 I love being a mother. I loved being a daughter. 

I remember Ursula had short hair ten years ago, probably brunette color, but now she had beautiful, silver long hair. It was actually my first time capturing a mid-aged woman as a creative subject. I was really thankful that she reached out for a collaboration, it was a beautiful experience for me. Above were my favorites of all.

"Relationship with mom is like a pleasant summer play that's been well rehearsed and practiced.   Or a warm fire behind a grate."

I love the relationship with Nicole.

I love the relationship with Nicole. She is still so fun and we get along very well together. Sometimes I still catch myself using the "we" pronoun when I talk about myself instead of "I" I think that says a lot about her place in my life! We are supportive of one another and can communicate easily.We both have our strengths and struggles, but they tend to complement each other to bring a nice balance when we are together.  

 I love to garden and I love to cook! But, I also love to write different stories. My sister and I have a lot of fun bouncing ideas off of each other. If I ever have writers block, I just talk to her for a few hours and we have a new direction for the story. "

I'd say We're like Mary and Pippin from the Lord of the Rings.

I'd say We're like Mary and Pippin from the Lord of the Rings. Both side by side for years but having our own adventures from time to time. She's always encouraged me to be the best person I can be and I couldn't have done it without her support.

It was interesting to capture twins- I think my last was when I was still in College. And their interview answers resembled a relationship of lovers... How intimate and fascinating as I was an only child growing up, so selfish especially when I was young- afraid of losing any of my time, possessions, effort, for anyone. But I did see a glimpse that love is all about that. Sharing, giving, and being glad about it.

I see myself as a kaleidoscope of colors. I may be a variety of different ones depending on my mood and atmosphere. Though my favorite has always been green.  -Nicole

I see myself a color of Blue - It is a calming color and is steady in the sky, not particularly eye-catching but it works well with all colors and can be very beautiful. It can be light and cheerful, but can also be sad and deep. -Nina

I also clearly remember the difference two girls had- it did not take long to recognize them two even from their back, according to their clothes, posture, and more. Nevertheless, they both had such kind, serene, and a humorous heart that made me comfortable to be part of a group.

"To have twins is like I won the Lottery."

I never had children before, but there was deep warmth and a non-exchangeable joy in having a family, especially two beautiful daughters. She was willing to open up their private, life-time space where all their time and memories are stacked, which it was the exact same house I went for that halloween party. To create my imagined imagery at a stranger's place was challenging but it was possible through our friendship, Jon's amazing help, and excitement.

The photoshoot started and ended with Ursula. It was as if the story started with the mother, and finished with the mother as well. Just as it is said, it was an opportunity for me to think about heritage and family. That a strong connection is always there, and it is something so unique to be documented and captured. Ursula's nurturing love and time on Nina and Nicole was too wide and deep for me to capture, but it was all lingering on her eyes, smile, fingertips, and stance... Thank you again, for inviting me to be part of the unique family history.