Family & Wedding Session

Can't believe we did make this work! And a wedding session which I did not expect at all, but was definitely a great start of my wedding portfolio. I never thought of capturing couples that were married already, but now I think about it, 'already' married couples have the own unique beauty just as the 'just about to get married' couples. Both are exciting and charming, but have different shades of color that represents them, and I started to appreciate it by seeing Priscilla and Israel's family.

Aela's facial expression gets funnier and funner...Haha. It was my first time having a dog in the photoshoot, and it was pretty energetic. It's definitely sure a flurry animal makes the photos look bit more warm and cuddly. Jon and I had a dinner time with the Subira family before the session, and that relationship build up did a great push to the photos. Having that quality time added on their comfort zone to be themselves just like their house was meaningful.

Priscilla & Israel

I remember Priscilla from my undergrad at ORU, she always had bright, highlighted long hair. I still remember she dressed semi-formal but with sheer materials that made her look free and comfortable. Even without her saying where she was from I did assume she had a vibe that was not from here. Nevertheless she always smiled with big mouth and her eyes shaped like crescent moon, and that connection we had made me ask her to become my model for the senior art collection. Even though we never talked so much, but only at school, here and there, she was always the same. Complimenting my outfits, my handmade macarons and to my petite photoshoot. And few years later, now, capturing her again with her love of my life is quite dazzling. As Israel was staring into her face as she wore her wedding gown again, I kinda understood why his facial expressions looked way different from his single portraits (lol). I knew why she looked so beautiful.

The dress

I have actually never seen a wedding dress this close, for this long time, just for my shoot. I was pretty nervous and excited to capture such a garment that seemed like a Cinderella's dress which every girl admires and fantasies. The dress that Priscilla got handmade from Brazil was simple and gorgeous; it had that right middle point between vintage and sleek. The fact that Priscilla was in her lightest weight because of breastfeeding and she is in her wedding dress before she had her daughter was a beautiful connection I never thought of. I do remember from her wedding photographs she had long, pretty hair dreadlocks, now she has the bright brown straight hair again. That time in between was only seen through by my heart and it was a delight to capture that.


What a happy baby. When I see Aela smile and laugh, I see the exact same crescent eyes from Priscilla. She danced upon the Korean version (original) of baby shark video that Jon played, and it was hilarious. Just as we are more used to the foreign language than English, maybe she heard the unique language (as mom and dad speaks Brazilian) and it was more natural to her. I thought capturing a baby and the cuddly Klem (husky) together was a thought-breaker for me because in Korea all the adults, or at least my parents always thought having a furry animal when the baby was born not healthy. I actually do not know why exactly until now (maybe the hair), but after capturing two together it should actually be a really good idea to let my child have a furry sibling to grow up together. Haha.

The shoot went so fast, Aela took a 20min nap in between, and Klem pooped in my closet (LOL). But it was so fun and intimate, to have a family over in my built up space for them to part of it and help me create another beautiful documentation. Hope to see them again, before they fly to Brazil. Thank you!