Today is the day that God made and gave to us. Let's start over our marriage relationship from the beginning. Respect more and love each other more. I'm thankful that God sent you into my life. Let's make a good family. We can do it :)

To remember the first is always difficult, but necessary in all kinds of relationships and career. I haven't seen Scarlett for more than 4 years as her son is so grown already, and she was willing to share her first again with me, with her lovely husband.

I like her outgoing nature which is the complete opposite of mine. Because of this, she enriches my life with people she has befriended. For example, a lot of the people we have met in our new neighborhood. If it wasn't for her, I would definitely be a lonely  hermit (laugh).

I still remember Scarlett being part of our Sunday church praise team, her engagements at Woodward park.. And she was still the same. I love her brightness, energy, bluntness, so bright and fragrant. I didn't know Tavo was this tall (6' 6'', maybe he has grown lol), but he did look like a proper model because of that!

The most recent moment was last week when Scarlett took Parker and I went to Chandler park. We all played at the splash pad together and had a blast. It is these types of moments when I see Scarlett and Parker laughing and playing a lot which makes me the happiest.

The green backdrop was my least favorite because the shipping was so bad it had visible marks on it; but after this photoshoot I really really love this backdrop which adds a bit of fresh greenery to my collection of backdrop colors. The new prism I got had different colors including pink, and that additional light enhanced Scarlett's brightness.

Let's grow old, happy and healthy together! Let's do our best! I love you.

The last set was the most unexpected, but I loved it. It started to shower with rain suddenly and it stopped. Then the yellow cloud really covered the whole sky and the sunset became so dim. The light was magical and we had no extra light, which really enhanced the mood. I can't imagine what I would have missed without capturing them again. They genuinely encouraged my career, and it was so thoughtful for them just to give me their precious Saturday afternoon. Thank you!

Polaroid Photos