A flower blooms every day.

I think a lot, a lot about my work these days; I've started a 365 photo challenge too (yes it is very challenging..). Nonetheless, I do come to a point back and back again not to be rushed. Today that I face, I only have 24 hours and that is short, fairly, compared to the work I am trying to get done in my head (laugh). I am struggling constantly between the work I created tangibly in my hands and the work that is already created in my head. It's a push and pull. And sometimes I get stressed out, but I realize again that it is not worth for a stress for this. I am going in the right direction anyways.

Starting a 365 Photo Challenge has brought the distance between me and my camera a lot closer; I have picked up my old Nikon film and started to take appreciation for the beauty of film a little bit more. Taking a photo one day, especially the ones when I stand in front of my camera, really challenges the self of me how to create something through a medium that I am so used to, that it is more intimidating. But the challenge was started to make that nerve-racking lies to fade away gradually. Yes. Gradually.

There is still tension between my perfect Yubi and unperfect, lazy Yubi, but there is an unsettled peace. Always. Again I look back to my core room in my heart and realize that I am doing fine and I am going in the right direction. Nonetheless, I am the happiest person on earth able to do what I love to do.