She is the mother earth. She is warm safe, and makes death to live. It's where life lives, rests, and wonders.

She has big arms to embrace the lost soul. She is imperfectly and beautifully made- She stands firm like soil, to all the needs in the world.


I’m brown. Recently I think I see myself as brown not only because that is the color of my hair and eyes but because brown makes me think of being natural and raw. Although brown is plain and not flashy, it’s real and I think there is a special depth to brown that makes me feel warm and safe. I feel like I am a very natural person and someone who values depth but in a practical form. Brown is practical. I want to be someone practical and effective and a safe place for others. 

Photoshoot with Priscilla was the officially first Creative Portraits I did to somebody other than me. Jon's was a great foundation to start on, and Priscilla, kindly, volunteered to be my project once again. The last time we met was right after her wedding, right before I flew off to London. We only had one fabric stuck on the wall with Walmart lighting bright enough to create her beautiful, brightful portraits. Now she is a mother of a beautiful daughter, owner of a huge puffy Husky, and a lovely wife who cooks amazing Brazilian food. It was some unique moments to capture her alone, representing her special relationships and roles just in her heart, hopefully seen just by her standing alone in the camera. From the interview I was pretty sure how firm her identity was; It seemed to be obvious she knew who she was, where she came from. It was surprising for me because most of us- at least for me- it is a quite difficult task to know and be firm in who I am. And I was glad somebody close to me knew that and that was a deep encourager.


I most like that I value other humans with all my heart. I guess it’s compassion. My heart aches when I see people getting hurt in any way and I long to see people free—truely and eternally free. I like that I am compassionate because I think it pushes me to be helpful to others and do things that are meaningful and that reach beyond myself. 

I want to perceive better. I want to notice people’s needs and be able to notice them in time to help. I want to be more aware—not miss things so much—that I may be a blessings. 


I think a quality that can explain Brazilian culture are Brazilian flip flops called “havaianas”. The same simple and usually colorful sandals are used by the rich and poor in Brazil. Every child and elderly Brazilian wears one as well. Those who live in the North where it’s always warm never take their “havaianas” off. When I lived there we wore them to the beach and to church. Down south where it gets colder, everyone still uses “havaianas” (sometimes with socks) while at home especially. It makes me think of how Brazilian mothers never let their kids walk barefoot on the hot, cement side walks, believing that if you do you will catch a cold. Lol. I think “havaianas” are a symbols of Brazilian mix culture—we are a diverse yet one people. Simple yet colorful. Common yet loud. 

The shoot became a bit longer than I thought- but it was a thrill to get the last look shot. I wondered if the Mother Earth that we call all the time would be in person, she might look like Priscilla. Life, grows in a soil... A healthy soil. I thought about what it means to be the soil. I am always more thinking about how to grow myself first. But she was thinking about the soil part first. How humble, how worthy.. I really thank her for such perspective. After the shoot, the visit to her place was a proof that she was creating beautiful gardens through herself as mother earth. Her food, the time at her dining table was beautiful. I can't wait to capture her family all in one. Thank you Priscilla again, I will miss you as you fly back!