Mariah Alexander.


'Model' in a while!

It was kind of intimating to search for 'model' because I have not done that in a while and model agencies here in Tulsa were so small and pretty.. uncooperative. Nonetheless, Mariah was so encouraging and easy to communicate to begin with and she read my color of artworks quick like that. I am very excited about this photoshoot because it was a body of photographs that I imagined- in the mixture of both digital and film, and polaroids! Such mix of mediums really bring out the nostalgic, faded, yubi-like mood that I have always been longing for but just keep sticking with film camera on the side was something not that easy. But it's also so fascinating that if I wasn't me, I would not be able to tell which is digital and which is film, that is how much I edit my photos towards film color. Especially in the b&w.

Just as Jon my assistant was surprised to Mariah because she fit my aesthetics so perfectly- Mariah had beautiful features that I cannot ask for more- and I was really excited to hear about her dreams of modeling & acting. I am so glad I reached out to her first, to making the starting point of capturing models who are not an acquaintance of me but to get to know them through the photoshoot and also the interview, of course. The reason I did not capture model for the longest time I came back from London is because when I hire them they think they are just 'modeling,' and they are usually busy fitting themselves to the photographer's need. But thank God the interview Mariah answered were so deep enough to know that she is still a young beautiful lady inside and out and I could treat her as she is, in a touch of my aesthetics. :)

Thank you to Mariah's fiance for being such a great art director, assistant also, and Jon for carrying all that camera stuff outdoors for our beautiful outdoor shootings.

My digital body is Canon RP, film camera Nikon N65, polaroid 620 Amigo.


"I’m a very empathic soul and want equality for all. Being caring to my family, friends and the world at large gives me purpose."

"When I look at the mirror,

I see my self [as a]  powerful, soulful, very wizened [human] in a traumatic way."

"I want to do modeling because It’s fun and expressive. A perfect outlet for my creative energy.I’m a very energetic creative person. I want to express artistic beauty in a raw powerful way. The underdog. Against all odds."