2nd Work progress in Dianthus

I intentionally printed the photographs Black & White this time, so I could have more control over the color palette. I loved washed away- portraitures with colorful flowers around it. I used to draw portraits like this a lot in my art classes in university- I remember my mentor professor complimenting my graphite techniques and since then I knew I was strong with line work. So I would sketch the portrait with graphite and paint flowers as background, and clothe them with actual fabrics. These works were more of a realistic versions of those, since the sketches were actual photographs.

I did try to incorporate the narratives more as I had feedback about that, which I included the interviews along with the artworks. It was so much fun creating new works and how my works evolve so quick, I created an art vlog alongside as well. Coming soon :)


“I consider myself to encompass different colors in different situations. At home and with friends and family where I am comfortable I would most consider myself yellow, warm and bright. However when I am alone, I can be blue- cool, calm and subdued. When I am working on something I can be purple- confident, thoughtful and responsible and I can definitely be red sometimes when I experience strong feelings such as love and anger. I see myself as so many colors in different situations but I suppose others looking at me can associate me with the color light blue- quiet, kind and easy to be with.” 


“I am lucky to have such a broad depth of understanding.

My boyfriend calls it my worst and best trait but I think it’s my best. My understanding has helped me come into terms of situations which have hurt me and that equals to less stress. My very open-mindness helps me to learn new things, to be more creative and have more ways to think. My desire to understand something or someone has broadened my mind and makes me more curious, and more knowledgeable. It helps in all facets of my life.” 


“Recently I think I see myself as brown not only because that is the color of my hair and eyes but because brown makes me think of being natural and raw. Although brown is plain and not flashy, it’s real and I think there is a special depth to brown that makes me feel warm and safe. I feel like I am a very natural person and someone who values depth but in a practical form. Brown is practical. I want to be someone practical and effective and a safe place for others.”

*She said her favorite flowers were Yellow English Roses. 


“I feel like I’m a dark green. I feel that it symbolizes patience. It isn’t a warm color, but it is rich and full of life. I don’t think I am a very warm person, but I am full of life..”

*She chose Eucalyptus and Baby’s breath as her favorite flowers 


Scarlett share her personal emotions through text after we had set for a photoshoot, about marriage life. We were doing a reminder wedding, and she said the photoshoot will give her and her husband a new mindset to recover and nourish the relationship again.

As she answered yellow as one of her favorite color, I wanted to narrate her marriage life in the past, and the restoration of one from now on as a colored flower. 


"When I look at the mirror,

I see my self [as a] powerful, soulful, very wizened [human] in a traumatic way." 


"The inner quality that I like most about myself is my ability to empathize with others. Empathy is the capacity to understand another individual’s emotions/experiences from their perspective, and I think that is important to have to care for others.” 


"I associate myself with the color gray the most. Gray is the color of indecisiveness, neutrality, and serenity. I lack a strong sense of self, and so I am often indecisive and uncertain. In most social situations, I am quiet and calm. It is difficult for me to be vulnerable/open and share my emotions with others, especially if I am not close with them.”