Destiny had many art classes with me in university. We saw each other's works constantly, talked about life, art, relationships, in studio all the time. She was always smiling, bright, and interested about my outfit, art, photography, and anything surprised her. Such innocent, pure heart made me disarmed to open myself to her and creating such conversations were so fun. I still remember her soft but deep charcoal drawings of Disney princesses, Michael Jackson, and other celebrities. She always had colorful details in her outfit and accessories- we would always compliment each other. And it's been more than four years, and she seemed to remain exactly the same. Clean, bright eyes, staring at me when I talk, and laughing without any hinderance. It was such a thanksgiving time with her to have in front of the lens, I really appreciate her time and effort to be my artistry.

This time I tried the yellow & black polaroid film which was so much fun. Something different, but I love the sepia tone that it carries, it's so antique and matched Destiny's skin tone perfectly! I used my RP, Sigma Art 24-75, and Tilt shift Canon 45mm F 2.8. My polaroid camera is a 600 series Amigo 620, with a 600 Flash bar.

I love that I'm an empathetic person. I really care about people and I like being able to feel what someone else is feeling.

When I look in the mirror I see myself as a princess. When I was a little girl, my parents would always call me "Princess Destiny" and to this day that's how I envision myself.

The color that I see myself is purple. I feel like it represents royalty and peace and I've always been attracted to that color.

My prayer request would be for inner peace. I have been struggling with worry and anxiety recently.

My nationality is African American and Native American. I'm so proud of my heritage. I feel like I come from an amazing group of strong, hard working, intelligent people with a rich culture.