About Yubi

Hello, welcome to

UB Studio, I am Yubi.

I've been a photographer since I was in high school. More than telling stories, I believe I have the eyes to see the essence of the subject. According to Robert Henri, true artist must take a slow time and effort to see the truth of the subject. It takes effort, love, and quietness. I believe every essence resides in every human being, and the trace they leave in fashion, art, and lifestyle. I strive to connect my talents to explore and pull out that dignity in all the people and moments I collide- and to celebrate.

I love treasure hunting vintage clothes in thrift stores and hidden boutiques in downtown corners. Wearing and capturing myself wearing different clothing is one of my old habits of me exploring about myself. Drawing and painting on top of those portraits is another level of art expansion. I always have dried and fresh flowers in my desk, wall, and shelves- they cannot be omitted in my works.

Thank you for visiting UB Studio today, hope my works will touch your heart, and leave a little warmth.

Love, Yubi

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