Hi, Daniel. 

Okay, let me be blunt. You are.. very, much, inspiring. I've only been to several art museums with you but driving with you, drinking coffee, walking... Have just been deeply inspiring my artistic space. It's almost magical. You're not even loud or corky, but I have hunched your passion toward art completely. It's just so easy to lay back and let art come and go like flood, but as I see you stick your charcoal-covered hands into your khaki pants and walk towards the unknown storm of challenge, I have been surprised.  A little thrilled. I honestly don't know how to get this message to you without sounding so cheesy. But simply just understand, that I admire you. You have a enormous capability inside you that you don't even know. Don't lose it. Fire it. I want to see that. Please. Please drive me in your mini cooper again, yes?